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Admission Steps

First Grade Entrance Exam Tips


At Twinkle Mapo, we offer 4 different competitive paths. This section will explain the differences between the programs to help guide which path will be right for your child. 

Our team believes in the importance of looking at the bigger picture. We want to challenge our students, but we consider what the challenges are and how they will impact our students. We want students to have fun while building their confidence at the same time. This will lead our students towards a successful educational experience and facilitate excellence in their future endeavors.


This is a basic program designed to ignite a passion for exploration, our curriculum propels students into the exciting realms of literature, grammar, and science with interactive activities that make every lesson an adventure. Join us on the Rocket Curriculum and watch as your students soar to new heights of knowledge and enjoyment!


This is a beginner program and it gears towards prepping students by building a basic foundation for the English language to ensure their success for Ace. This program develops the students' skills, knowledge, and tools. Students are slowly learning the expectations and duties of being a student in this class while getting assistance from the teacher in the classroom.


This is a program that is a stepping stone for the elite program. Students in this program are already equipped with the abilities needed to succeed moving forward to the following level. Based on the foundation that they have, they will further hone their skills by going further in-depth with the material that they interact with in the classroom. Students start to learn how to be independent in this class.


This is a program that builds students to be independent learners. These students have already perfected their English skills and have all of the necessary tools. This class has a focus on thoroughness and detail as well as how to closely engage with the material using more critical thinking and deeper comprehension skills. This class teaches students to be independent learners to prepare for AP.


This is an advanced placement program that focuses on independent achievers. This class is for gifted students who are independent thinkers and workers. These students are proficient in all of the subjects and their work. It is based on research, debate, public speaking, publishing, theory, and note organization.  This class prepares students for self-study and university.

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