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At Twinkle Mapo, we care about the quality of the classes. We hire the best teachers and train before they start to teach to ensure this. Our teachers are native English speakers from Canada and America. Our teachers are not only hired based on their skills, but their character as well.

Teacher and Student

A Team of Professionals

Elementary School Teacher

Background Checks

The first candidates are selected through a thorough background check with their Resume/CV, cover letters, and demo teaching videos. All of our teachers are picked from the seven English speaking countries. We require our staff to be experienced teachers. All of the teachers who are picked go through background verification and must have a clean background.

English Teacher


Candidates who are chosen go through multiple in-depth interviews to review their knowledge and experiences. Only the best candidates reach this stage. We make sure these candidates exceed our expectations and will provide the students with the best education. We hire teachers that not only are dedicated, caring, knowledgeable, and fun, but ones that will challenge our students and push them to their potential and help them grow well.

Teacher and Pupils


Our teachers go through in-depth and extensive training upon arrival to the academy. This training is conducted with both the managers and other experienced teachers to ensure the quality. They learn about our values and vision, special teaching methods, curriculum, and program. During this time, the teachers also starting building their foundation and bond with the students.

Teacher with Pupils

Continuous Support

The learning never stops for our teachers. To ensure the best quality, we continue to provide support to our teachers through a variety of ways. This includes:

1) Weekly meetings with abundant discussion and shared ideas

2) Thorough in-depth training sessions throughout the year

3) Regular in-class monitoring and inspection

4) Quarterly teacher evaluations

We always continue to grow and develop.

See what Andrew and Brian, the founders of Twinkle, have to say about the teachers we hire.

Dr. Jai. W. Seo

Our founder and principal warmly welcomes you to AP Academy Twinkle Mapo.


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