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Educational Services

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Female Teacher and Student
Female Teacher and Student

Homework Help

We offer homework help outside of the classroom to students who need it. They may come in and will get one-on-one help with teachers. Please contact the academy for more information about this. Alternatively, book homework help for your child online by clicking the button below.


Professional Consultation

We offer consulting to parents regarding their children. Parents have the opportunity to ask questions, give comments, address their concerns, and get updated on their child's progress at the academy. Please contact the academy to book your consultation. Alternitavely, you may book online by clicking the button below.


Insurance Consultation

More information to come soon.

Walking to the Bus


More information to come soon.


Teacher Contact

Our academy's parents have direct contact with their child's teacher. This ensures proper and clear communication. We believe that the best education is provided to students when the parents and teachers are in contact and can work on improving the child's education together as a team.

This is done through Class Dojo and Google Classroom. More information in the Teacher Communication tab.

Online Classes

All classes are currently held on-site. However, when necessary, our academy uses Zoom to teach online. Teachers send Zoom links to parents. 

To learn how to navigate Zoom, please watch the video below:


TOEFL  Testing

We will offer TOEFL testing at our academy. Our teachers put effort into improving their students' English and these test results have proved that in the past at Twinkle. Our students have scored very high in all of the subjects including reading, writing, speaking, and listening in the test which demonstrates their improvement in their English levels.

We believe in showing results. We will be offering the test 3 times a year to demonstrate and showcase their improvements.

Our students have demonstrated their improvement through testing. Between two tests, one students' reading score improved by 70 points. We strive to show results on our students' improvement. 

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