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Twinkle Website

Our students have an account on the Twinkle website. This website benefits them in a variety of ways! 

Screenshot 2021-09-01 171528.png


Please watch this video to learn about how to navigate through the Twinkle website.

Little Music Fan

Benefit #1

Listening Homework

Students follow the link in their workbooks to watch the listening video in order to prepare for their non-fiction classes.

Benefit #2

Interaction with Teachers

Students have meaningful interactions with their teachers on the Twinkle website. Students message teachers, play chess with them, ask them questions, comment on their teachers' posts, etc.

Girls Studying

Benefit #3

Interactions with Students

Students interact with students from other Twinkle branches and engage in meaningful conversations and discussions to further stimulate their learning and development of the English language. 

Benefit #4

Gaining and Sharing Knowledge

This website has many posts that question and stimulate the students' curiosity through videos, questions, comments, website-sharing, and other posts. Furthermore, students can post an interesting thing they found and share it with others to allow for further discussion. 

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