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Yellow Flowers

2024  Spring day


2024  Science Fair Book

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2024   'Natural Disasters'
Science Fair


2023 Twinkle Times

Decorative Ornaments

2023  Christmas
Carol  Singing

TwinkleAP   TOEFL Junior   Top   Scorers

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2023 Halloween
2nd Story Book

2023 Book Report

2nd Event


2023 In to the Deep

3rd Science Fair Presenters

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2023 Book Report

1st  Book

2023 In to the Deep

3rd Science Fair Book


2022 HalloweenSpooky 

2nd Story Book


2022 Storytelling

1st Story Book

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2021 Twinkle AP

1st Magazine

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Learning is Fun


Twinkle Mapo is a sister branch of Daechi, Bundang, Mokdong, and Songdo Twinkle. 

2023 트윈클 마포 설명회

Meet Andrew and Brian, the founders of Twinkle.

We help facilitate the growth of our students to reject passive learning and routines so that they may reach new heights and better the world by doing so. By increasing student achievement, learners can build confidence and increase motivation, therefore  increasing confidence and self-esteem and improving studying skills at the same time.


Our material gets students to look at subjects with questioning minds as they develop their ability to tackle open-ended questions to discover and explore the deep world of their wonder and curiosity.


We have a vision and mission to develop new generations of independent thinkers who go on to change the world one small step at a time. Our students go on to be active leaders in their communities, demonstrating caring for issues on a global level and making a difference.


Students are taught and encouraged to think critically and question the material that they engage with. The students are expected to observe, understand, analyze, interpret find solutions, and perform applications that lead to a holistic understanding of the concept.

Problem Solving


Twinkle English has a unique vision and viewpoint with regards to how education is in Korea versus how it should be. 

Watch the video to find out more in-depth about Andrew and Brian's vision and dream for Twinkle.

Book Pages

Twinkle Mapo's Introduction Video.

Want to learn more about Twinkle Mapo's vision?  Sign up for free to receive the explanation video.

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